• My Stuff

    4 Jan 2006, 19:26 by gotz_pierced

    Alright, so here is a list of all the albums I own. These albums are not burnt from downloaded stuff, they are cds that I've bought...and yeah, I buy a lot of stuff. Once I save up enough money to get my iPod, who knows...I may become more of an internet music buyer than a cd buyer...I'll admit though, there is something about actually OWNING the album/album art/etc. that I find appealing...who's with me???

    Anyhoo, on with the list...


    2unlimited - Hits Unlimited
    AC/DC - Back In Black
    Aerosmith - Big Ones
    Aerosmith - Honkin’ On Bobo
    Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
    Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
    Alanis Morissette - Under Rug Swept
    Alanis Morissette - So-Called Chaos
    Alanis Morissette - Feast On Scraps
    Alanis Morissette - The Collection
    Alice Deejay - Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
    Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys
    Amanda Marshall - Amanda Marshall
    Amanda Marshall - Tuesday’s Child
    Amanda Marshall - Everybody’s Got A Story
    Amanda Marshall - Intermission: The Singles Collection
  • My top 30 albums of 2005

    25 Dec 2005, 19:04 by esjen

    kinda difficult cuz most of the albums i listen too weren't released in 2005 but this is what i have, i'd say the top 6 is about right and the rest is just no particular order, too hard to decide.

    1. Metric, Live It Out
    2. The L Word: Season 2 Soundtrack
    3. Reggie and the Full Effect, Songs Not to Get Married To
    4. Sleater-Kinney, The Woods
    5. Sarah Bettens, Scream
    6. Acceptance, Phantoms
    7. Lene Marlin, Lost In A Moment
    8. O.A.R., Stories Of A Stranger
    9. Trang Fødsel, De Aller Beste (Greatest Hits)
    10. Kanye West, Late Registration
    11. Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal
    12. Missy Higgins, The Sound of White
    13. Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
    14. Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
    15. Day At the Fair, The Rocking Chair Years
    16. Amber Pacific, The Possibility and the Promise
    17. The Drive Back, AutumnMotive E.P.
    18. Eisley, Room Noises
    19. Kinnie Starr, Sun Again
    20. System of a Down, Mezmerize
    21. Feist, Let It Die
    22. Melissa Etheridge, Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled
  • Late to the Party (again)

    2 Dec 2005, 03:05 by godsavegravy

    While I painstakingly put together my list of the top 10 of 2005, I thought: "Wouldn't it just be fab to put together a list of albums that came out awhile back that I just discovered this year?" And the answer is yes, yes it would.

    (1)Featuring "Birds"
    Originally came out in: 1998
    miss the boat by:7 years

    Janet Weiss is, as you all know, the drummer for Sleater-Kinney. Quasi is a side project of hers. After my rediscovery of SK this year (yeah The Woods fucking rocked) I decided to check Quasi out as well. I think this album is their best. Since this band only consists of Janet on drums and her X-husband on fuzzed out keyboards, Janet's drumming really stands out. And Janet plays drums like Ron Jeremy fucks and hey that Sam Coomes guy is pretty cool too.

    Standout Tracks:
    It's Hard to Turn Me On
    Our Happiness Is Guaranteed

    (2)Grab That Gun-The Organ
    Originally came out in: 2004
    miss the boat by: 1 year

  • sexy playlist/stranger danger

    6 Oct 2005, 00:53 by godsavegravy

    Sadly this playlist has about as much to do with sex as Lindsay Lohan has to do with good music BUT I still find it extremely sexy none the less. See I'm doing this thing where I am making a mix cd for a stranger and then I get one in return. This is all in hopes that I will broaden my musical interests and the interests of others blah blah blah

    But let me just is SO hard to make a playlist for someone you don't know. Its not like I want to make this "Michelle's favorite songs ever" playlist or anything like that. Just songs I like at the moment. I'm sure the mystery person will just end up chucking the thing anyway, but am I being way too OCD when I consider the following?:
    -What does my playlist say about me musically?
    -Is it way too music snobby?
    -Are there too many fast/slow songs?
    -How is the ratio of new to old artists?
    -Does it flow nicely?
    -Why am I doing this to myself?

    Anyway here is, well what I have so far... …
  • On The Organ's Sound

    23 Aug 2005, 10:20 by flaneur

    I've enjoyed watching The Organ creep up the charts in the last few weeks, as I've been a fan of theirs for awhile now (thank-you Aspasia) and have a natural soft spot for cute young Canadian bands.

    What really hit me as I was listening to them on the train this morning, though, was just how much their newest album -- especially the single, Memorize the City -- sounds just like early R.E.M. but with female vocals. I'm thinking in particular of the mid-to-late 80s, Fables of the Reconstruction era here. Not that there's anything wrong with that, on the contrary. Good stuff all round.

    Anybody else thinkin' this?
  • August 22nd, 2005

    23 Aug 2005, 00:45 by Nomadamon

    Picked up two albums today, Moon Safari, and Protectionat A&B Sound. They're having a promotion right now, where a moderately diverse selection of albums are selling for 2 for 25 bucks. It's all older stuff, but it's good for filling out your collections.

    Really looking forward to September and October. Planning on going to a lot of good shows. The New Pornographers is playing at the Commodore Theatre on September 23rd. Then on the 27th Sigur Ros is playing at the Orpheum Theatre. And being the huge fans of them that I am, i will also be driving down to Seattle on the 28th to see them again at the Paramount. Sadly the Sigur Ros concert in Vancouver is totally being overshadowed by the fact that Green Day and Jimmy Eat Word will also be playing the same night. Green Day blow, it all sounds the same people!

    In October I will be seeing Black Mountain, Metric and Vancouver locals The Organ.
  • The Organ

    22 Aug 2005, 04:42 by electricversion

    The Organ

    Lately I've been listening to a lot of The Organ. Something about the "feel" of their music makes it so appropriate for summer nights and the wet rainy days when I feel like I'm living in Vancouver. Perfect ipod music.

    I was first introduced to The Organ 2 or 3 years ago, back when their first Sinking Hearts EP had just come out. They were opening for the New Pornographers back in Regina. The Pornos were of course excellent, but to be honest I found the Organ to be quite underwhelming. Maybe I just had no patience for the opening acts and was too unfamiliar with their music, but I remember also being put off by their sort of detached, unhappy look on stage. After reading a few articles I realize this is part of the persona they adopt on stage, but at the time I thought it was displeasure with playing to an unaquainted crowd in a nearly empty bar... Regina is notorious for droves of people walking up to a show at the absolute last minute…
  • The Organ - Pink & Purple Pop Festival 05

    11 Aug 2005, 13:36 by teonum

    En complément au commentaire de Pitchwork à mon premier message:

    Lundi soir (15 août 2005), on va avec quelques uns (Boyscout, Pitchwork...) au concert de The Organ au Point Ephémère à Paris (M° Jaurès) pour le Pink & Purple Pop Festival.
    Si ça vous intéresse... MP ou rendez-vous là-bas ;)
    Plus d'infos sur

    C'est 10 €

    The Organ