• Money Money 2020 review

    22 Apr 2006, 19:41 by Greendayfanluc

    Money Money 2020

    Great album :)
    I have not had this album for a long time, so I don't know and love all the songs very well. So this is (kinda) first impress

    Joe Robot
    Nice track. Not a favorite, but its still pretty good. I'd give it 6,5/10

    Transistors Gone Wild
    Quite a catchy track. I'll give it 7/10

    Great lyrics, they create a kind of rythym (I'm terrible at saying what I mean ^^). I'll give it 7,5/10

    Supermodel Robots
    Nice track, I like the police noise behind :). I'll give it 7,5/10

    Money Money 2020
    Nothing wrong about this track, but nothing special. I'll give it 7/10

    A big favorite. Great idea (its telephone conversations), plus you can hear clearly see its Billie Joe talking ^^. I'll give it 8,5/10

    Love and Money
    Nice track, nice lyrics. I'll give it 7/10

    Right Hand-a-rama
    A great track. A big favorite, it has a nice tune and a nice beat. And you can hear Billie Joe's voice clearly. I'll give it 9/10

    I like this track. Nice tune, nice beat. I'll give it 7,5/10