• my top 170 albums (2006 version)

    10 Jul 2006, 14:39 by pins

    here is a list of my top (i.e. favourite) 170 albums, as documented this year. just like my songs list, it was created for a messageboard. i have disabled comments for the time being because frankly i got a little sick of the all criticism i received as a result of posting it. i'm sorry if you don't like my list... but what can i say? it's an honest documentation of albums i like, rather than some kind of indie hipster posturing. i have my own personal reasons for listing things in the order they appear, which some people may not understand or agree with, but i'm not asking anyone to do that.

    anyway, with that out of the way, here's the list. enjoy! (or don't...):

    [170] Sibylle Baier - colour green
    [169] Magnetic Fields - 69 love songs
    [168] Radiohead - ok computer
    [167] Mellow Candle - swaddling songs
    [166] Tori Amos - little earthquakes
    [165] Sufjan Stevens - greetings from michigan
    [164] Wondermints - mind if we make love to you