• 2012: The Year in Music

    1 Jan 2013, 16:55 by jkade

    There is a giant ocean of wonderful new music out there. I mostly hang around in the reefs of a few small archipelagos, but I still see quite a bit of interesting stuff. These compilations don't feature all of my favorite tracks. How much I like the artists or albums is not really reflected in the song selections (though I suppose you can tell I love Shearwater and the Tragically Hip). Since I love the form of the album, the tracklists were carefully chosen to have a flow. Let me know if it works for you.

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    Radio KADE 2012: Singles
    OK, maybe you haven't heard all of these on the radio, but you should have.

    01 The Tragically Hip - Now for Plan A - At Transformation
    02 Shearwater - Animal Joy - Breaking the Yearlings
    03 Metric - Synthetica - Youth Without Youth
    04 John Cale - Shifty Adventures... - I Wanna Talk 2 U