• Fest-i-valen 2007, Second Day

    4 Feb 2007, 12:40 by helikoppter

    The second and last day of Fest-i-valen was yesterday. Since the day before, schedules had been pushed ahead a quarter, but as it seemed only one of the sound guys got the memo as the one on the bigger stage even told Samuraj Cities they were ten minutes late when in fact they had five minutes before they were supposed to get on. As a result it wasn't possible to hear as much from all bands on the Saturday as it had been on the Friday, but I did get a glimpse of all artists that entered those stages during the time I was at the venue ^^

    A couple of weeks ago, Samuraj Cities were all over some of my favorite music blogs and I just couldn't understand why. Then poffis sent me a couple of songs more and one of them was actually quite nice. And then I found an older song on another hard drive and that too was quite nice and after some listening I quite liked them. Live it was even more obvious that Samuraj Cities had enough qualities to deserve the attention I had questioned at first. …