• My Musical Weekness, June 4, 2007

    5 Jun 2007, 00:51 by Televiper

    The Beginning...
    Been a busy week for me and music. I may still do something for last weeks list since there's some notable mentions happening there. This week I received the last half of the Subconscious Communications (Skinny Puppy/Download) From the Vault 2 collection. Contains an excellent edition of the Skinny Puppy Back Forth Series, and some new material by Tear Garden, and Plateau. I also received the Threshold House Boys Choir album and totally dug the DVD. Still waiting for some more stuff from Pubic Eyesore.

    1 Air Formation 89
    It's been awhile since I've been able to an album as much as this one. The whole album is a blissful cloud of guitar back, easy melodies, and a warm voice. I've seen this referred to as Post-Shoegaze which sort of makes sense. Reminds me of the SIANspheric album Somnium with a heavier tilt ot abstract warm fuzziness. Easily my favorite release of 2007 right now. I recommend this to fans of SIANspheric, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and other stuff like Tristezia