• How I discovered my top 20

    11 May 2008, 07:10 by Desiderata03

    1. Bayside
    An old friend of mine had sent me A Synonym for Acquiesce and I had a copy of Masterpiece on a Victory Records Sampler. I think I heard Masterpiece first, but I didn't really listen to it like I did Synonym. Anyways, neither of them really got me into Bayside at the time, but then around a year ago I stumbled across Masterpiece again and I realized I had to get the rest of their stuff. After obtaining their 3 albums I spent all of summer and most of fall listening to them probably more than it's healthy.
    First Heard: Let's say A Synonym for Acquiesce
    Current Favorite: Devotion and Desire

    2. Thursday
    Get ready to hear this one a lot. So summer of 2004 I was listening to a whole lot of the Warped Tour 2004 Compilation (back when the comps weren't filled with shit screamy bands and unoriginal radio pop). Then one day Tomorrow I'll Be You gets completely stuck in my head. Some time soon after that I got my hands on War All The Time and spent the next 3 years of my life completely obsessed with the band.