• the 2006-10-29 Sunday Fetch-it

    30 Oct 2006, 02:01 by GregKNicholson

    This really is supposed to be on a Friday. Honest.

    So, let's call this week's prize a "Moderately Alliterative Yet Still Stupid-Sounding Sunday Fetch-it Pre-emption Point™ (MAYSSSSFPP™)" (midnight schmidnight) – if you've already scrobbled the song I'm about to recommend, you win one. Lucky you.

    First, though, the usual B-movie – a synopsis of this Friday's Roundtable, with guests Ed from Larrikin Love, Nemone from 6 Music and Fyfe Dangerfield from Guillemots (hooray!).

    Also, before I get on with it, Steve Lamacq did a set at York Racecourse last Saturday for the University of York, that I was at. He followed the Vengaboys on stage (Steve was not aware this would be the case when he agreed to do it), so there was no problem getting to the front. During the songs, virtually everyone at the front got his autograph, several people got photos with him, and my mate Phil even managed to bum a cigarette off him mid-set, all without so much as a grumble from Lammo. The butt is now in his wallet. …