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A wikipedia-type definition of The Maggies might be: a modern rock band that existed from 1993-2002, and made beautiful, soaring power-pop; hooky anthems of pure heartbreak and hope with jagged edges that glisten in the hungover morning sun; songs and poetry above all, harmony above dischord, and something about the chord of G. An ambitious, productive band (5 cassette albums - remember those days?- a vinyl EP, 4 CD's) overlooked and overworked, hovering just barely under too many radars, signed with a well-funded, hopeful label that sadly died before the album was released, and not long after that the band itself broke up, after 3 major member changes, divorces, custody battles, fragmented tours and subtle paradigm shifts.
The Maggies had 5 distinct eras: the original lineup, circa 1993, was lead-singer/songwriter Philip Price (now in Winterpills, and solo), Max Germer (now in School for the Dead and The Fawns), Julie Keller and Rich Dart. This lineup released 3 cassette-only albums ("Tulip", "Misinterpreted", "No Footprints In Heaven") before Julie and Rich left.

In a short period of confusion in 1994, a 4-song vinyl EP was recorded ("Dance For Daddy"), with some hired guns on female vocals and drums…

Stuart Wright, formerly drummer for Boston experimental pop group The Dambuilders, then joined the fray, and the 'Power Trio' period began. Released during this time were 3 more cassette-only albums ("Brittle", "Experimental Cinema" and "Summer's Gone").

In 1995, Adrian O'Carolan joined the band, and the stage was set for a larger world-takeover attempt. Needless to say that never occurred, but the band put out two albums with this lineup and the band enjoyed its largest and longest period of good fortunes. The "debut" album was "Homesick" (1998), followed by "Cryptic Valentine" in 1999.

At this point a record label came knocking – the ambitious but doomed Garageband Records, run partly by Jerry Harrison (of Talking Heads fame), and headed by Tom Zito who championed the band and worked hard on their behalf, though the label folded before the Garageband debut was officially released in 2001. in the interim, Adrian and Max left the band, and a new lineup was formed featuring Ken Maiuri (Pedro the Lion, Mark Mulcahy band, The Mammals, many others) and Adam Greenberg (Senator). "Breakfast at Brelreck's" was released in early 2001, before the Garageband debut "Robot Stories".

"Breakfast" deserves note because it was a musical/literary collaboration between The Maggies and noted author Jonathan Lethem, who published an exclusive short story in the liner notes of the album by the same name.

the band split in early 2002. max, stuart and philip (with help from adam) regrouped briefly for a summer 2002 show, and max, stuart and philip played a Clash tribute that they considered their swan song, that same year. they may play again some day.

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