• Latest mixes

    31 Mar 2009, 12:01 by nooshie

    I know no-one reads journals any more because last.fm thinks it's more important that their site looks like facebook used to look before facebook tried to look like twitter, but here goes:

    I'm sending care packages to some folks over in England and thought it would be good to give them a CD of my recent favourite songs. Then I realised it would be even better if I gave each of them a different mix because it means I could put way more songs out there. So here are the first two.

    For Katy:
    1. Two Hours Traffic - Stuck for the Summer
    2. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Parking Lot Blues (because Katy and I combine to make one complete SLGTM fan - I like the songs where Fred sings, she likes the songs where Bettie sings)
    3. Beulah - A Good Man is Easy to Kill
    4. She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
    5. Office - If you Don't Know By Now
    6. Shout Out Louds - Normandie
    7. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Glue Girls
    8. Immaculate Machine - Dear Confessor
    9. Racetrack - The War at Home
  • Dandelion Radio - May 2008 shows

    30 Apr 2008, 15:32 by DandelionRadio

    We have more shows for May 2008 than we have ever had before.
    So - you weill probably want to spread your listening across the month.
    Come over to http://www.dandelionradio.com to join in.

    Andrew Morrison:
    There are two shows from Andy during Dandelion Radio's looping May schedule. The exclusive sessions continue during Andy's two-hour May show, with specially-recorded tracks from Before you die... and recent Shifty Disco Records MP3 Singles Club act The War Crimes, as well as a live highlight from Eliza's gig in Oxford back in March. As always, there are two of Teresa's Tasty Tips - backed by a practical demonstration of how well Andy's broken arms have healed - and a Mafia theme to Scott's Funky Five Minutes, along with new tracks from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Elbow. You'll also hear what is possibly the most offensive recording ever played on Dandelion Radio...
    May's 'Andy's Archives' is one hour of randomly selected tracks from Andy's extensive record collection vault. …