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1. How did you all come together and started with the band? Why did you named the band like that?
There are four of us in the band now. It actually all started in Denmark when Bartolo (from Ireland originally) and JW (from the US) met up randomly and started writing music together. They took the name from a passage from a Milan Kundera novel. At one point in the novella the author asks: "Where have they gone the amblers of yesteryear? Where have they gone, those loafing heroes of folk song, those vagabonds who wander from one mill to another and bed down under the stars?" The words spoke perfectly to Bartolo and JW and so The Loafing Heroes were born. JW moved to Buenas Aires and Bartolo moved to Berlin and and so began the second phase. Bartolo met Juicy -Berlin singer and guitarist, and Jaime - a Nebraskan bass clarinetist studying musicology at Humboldt University. The quartet was complete when Bartolo´s old compadre and traveler Nonny Dreamboat joined on percussion.

2. What was your musical background before The loafing heroes?
Bartolo had played in a few bands back in Dublin, most notably Da Capo, a six piece electro-rocknroll band, and also was a singer/songwriter here and there. Jaime played in a wild three piece punk experimental band called No Nebraska. Juicy was lead singer in a glamrock band called Rex Turbo and wrote solo acoustic songs in German. Nonny was a true vagabond, finding and absorbing various rhythms and rhymes in lost parts of the world.

3. Do you each play a part of the songwirting or is it majority done by any of you?
Bartolo initially was the primary loafing heroes songwriter when the band set up in Berlin and also for the recording of the last album in Dec 08-Jan09, but over the last few months, it has become a much more organic and unified songwriting group, in which all members can sing and play different instruments.

4. Where do you get the inspiration for making your music?
well … nature - mountains, ocean, forest; musicians, poets and philosophers; lost loves and vagabonding.

5. How would you describe your music? What are your main influences?

.. describe.. emmmm.. a folky bluesy sound with a hint of tropicalia. Influences?.. that is for you to decide I guess. come to one of our gigs.

6. Did you have a favourite part in making this album or a song that really clicked for you?
It´s always the most glorious moment when something unexpected happens that you didn´t see coming.. so, a transformation in the song or a new part added at the last minute during the recording or even, as so often happens, writing a new song during the actual recording process.. see the interlude in Anna Karina - just happened during the recording, a moment of inspiration from Juicy and Jaime..

7. What are your thoughts on the music coming out today? Any spanish bands do you know/like?
Music today.. a bit sceptical to be honest… one just has to plough through a lot to find the diamonds.. The old stuff is always there of course in classical, jazz, blues, and rocknroll, and there are some wonderful electronic records coming out. the rock and pop music coming out now is a bit hit and miss, and a case of history repeating itself without the fire.
Spanish bands - we don´t know that much! Love paco da lucia and Camaron, Ray Heredia, and Radio Tarifa are interesting.. but please write us a list. what should we look out for? ten great Spanish albums?

8. What do you have planned for the reminder of the year?
Well after our Iberian tour, we go back to Berlin at end of September and hope to record another album in october. we have a lot of new songs and ideas that we want to get down now. then we will see where the loafing takes us.. we will play a bunch of gigs in Germany anyway running up to christmas and after that, hopefully back to Iberia and beyond.

9. What are we going to see/listen in the spanish gigs?
To a bunch of vagabonds hoping to restore the art of loafing! and some gleaming great tunes.. A refreshing mix of bass clarinet, guitars, different vocals and tasty sounds from the percussion. Come along tonight!

The Loafing Heroes

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