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  • Years Active

    2007 – present (10 years)

There are several artists using this name:

1) The Lions. Hailing from the same neighborhood in Dundee, Scotland, Darren and Chris, 10 years later, would meet half the world away, to create, The Lions.

The Lions formed the morning after the night before. When the pubs closed, the crowds had gone home and the last stogie had been smoked, two lads decided to start a tight little rock ‘n’ roll band called Black Ocean. After the drink had worn off, the smarts kicked in, the boys decided that naming there band after a pint of Guinness wasn’t the greatest idea.

It was settled that Darren would sing and Chris would play guitar. Chris suggested his sister Liz play drums. Darren laughed, “girls can’t play drums” … Liz disagreed. John, who had seen The Lions play, joined immediately. With Chris’ songwriting abilities and the band’s talents they got regular gigs and made a name for themselves.

Shortly after, Darren left the band for personal reasons, Chris, Liz and John continued playing shows. From 2004 - 2005 Chris took on the challenge of singing, The Lions released their self-titled EP, and after playing countless shows, went on hiatus. John later went on to form, Secret Broadcast.

Through the years Chris and Darren remained good friends, Liz remained his sister and in March of 2007, The band decided to reunite, with a new addition, Alex “shmalek” Duncan.

The Lions were now complete and better than ever.

In 2008 The Lions released there first LP Sounds Familiar. It was recorded in under 15 hours, mixed and mastered in less than a week. The band proudly wear there influences on there sleeves and don’t shy away from the question, “well who do you sound like?” The Lions sound like Oasis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and The Stone Roses. Without reinventing the wheel or pretending to say they sound original, The Lions attempt to capture the riffs of Jimi Hendrix on a 7-string Ibanez and recite the melodies of The Beatles.

Recognized both locally and overseas as a band that has paid there dues and is ready for the next step. Local magazine Fast Forward recognized them for been around since 2003. Back where they once resided, Jim Gellatly from Xfm Scotland belives in the sound of the band and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club wishes them the best.

Along the way they've shared the laughs the jokes and some of the bum notes. But through it all they keep traveling down the road together, to get to the places that they're meant to be going.

2) The Lions. There is also a chill-out/electronic project by the name of 'The Lions', born from amateur music producer/composer Josh Down. 'The Lions' releases can be downloaded, for free, from the website www.freewebs.com/lionsthe… 'The Lions' also has a strong connection to the film, 'The Lion King', and every track has quotes, sampled straight from the film.

3) The Lions There is also a ska band in the Los Angeles area. The album covers are listed on this page but none of the tracks. Tracks are listed on their MySpace http://www.myspace.com/lionsbread

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