• Upcoming gigs and a Little Man Tate video

    24 Sep 2006, 13:01 by ifr

    Went to the Underground in Stoke on Fruday night and saw Little Man Tate again. It was apparently their longest set to date and was just as good as I'd been expecting. They were supported by The Landaus who were really very good and who I hadn't seen or heard before but enjoyed, and Omerta who I was considerably less impressed with. Of the two supports, only Omerta are signed and this seemed a bit arse about face to me.

    Edit 17th October 2006: Apparently Omerta aren't signed at all. My bad.

    I took three videos of LMT on my phone which I've now uploaded to YouTube. This one is Hello Miss Lovely (So You Like My Jeans):

    Having booked another concert this morning, I think I need to do myself a little list so I can keep track of what's coming up, where and when.
    I think after a quiet month or so, things are starting to pick up again.


    Saturday 30th September - Goo Goo Dolls - Apollo, Manchester