• Paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations

    26 Aug 2008, 20:24 by Manseeson

    Hands, hands, Noisettes have hands! Photo via.

    Oh, hi there. I know I promised pyrotechnics last time, but you might just have to wait a bit for that. Early days, alright? Also, improvement in word usage may only be slightly improved over last weeks installment, but "slightly" is better than "incrementally", at least in my version of Webster's Diminutive Dictionary of Adjectives That Basically Mean The Same Thing As "Small".

    You know the drill; go here for an explanation of this whole project, plus archives.

    Ladies, tramps, gentlemen, not so gentle men, I give you the nineteenth edition of The Cull.

    * Arthur & Yu - Song For Neil Young
    One of the reasons I won't be bringing the pyrotechnics this time around is my failure to do the desired amount of research prior to sitting down and writing this entry. Research, as you all know, is your friend. …