• Song of the day

    Mag 23 2007, 8:20 di Didohotep

    It's something like a diary of which song you have listened to or liked every single day. A song may be your favourite one for a whole week, or for just a day, corresponding to how you feel or similar. It is also possible that you haven't listened to it on your PC, but had it all day on your mind, having heard it just once (in the morning, for instance) and it stuck in your mind!

    My song for the 18th September is :


    My song for the 19th September is :


    My song for the 20th September :

    Stake Of My Soul

    My song for the 21st September :

    Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit

    My song for the 22nd September :

    No More Drama

    My song for the 23rd September :

    Where Is the Line

    My song for the 24th September :

    Rocket in the Sky

    My song for the 25th September :

    Goodbye Milky Way

    My song for the 26th September :


    My song for the 27th September :

    Let It Will Be

    My song for the 28th September :


  • Another year goes by....

    Gen 8 2007, 23:36 di FutureLove

    On every other end of year list I’ve read, everyone has said how bad a year 2006 was. Well, I guess that’s relative. I don’t look back on it in the same way as I do other years – 2003, for example, was a terrible year for me. 2006, on the other hand, wasn’t. I visited three countries I’d never visited before (Italy, Portugal and Holland). I fell in love, fell very quickly out of it, wondered what the hell I was doing and was lucky to meet someone that I really really hope is The One, a person that has captured my heart in ways I could only imagine before. I took on more responsibility at work, lost weight, put it on again, left a gym, joined another, joined yet another. I made some new friends, took more holidays, saw Madonna live in concert three times, started to learn the piano and listened to more music than I ever have in my whole life. And I discovered LastFM. So, to quote my favourite artist, 2006 was a “pretty good year”. …
  • Arvikafestivalen

    Ott 6 2006, 21:32 di Faidros

    Nice, but I was in a bad mood the first half of the festival. Was mostly on my own in the festival-area, could therefore se many concerts. The crowd was great, almost as a “moving crowd pack” that jumped and danced right in front of the stage on all concerts.


    Laakso: Four guys in identical military looking outfits played nice pop-tunes that didn’t leave much impression, except for a song which I think was called High Drama with the lyrics “Yes please Marcus” in the chorus. It was also the only song I had heard before. The singer’s charisma saved the show, though.

    Mindre nils: I imagine being a homosexual Jew in Norrland to be quite complicated. Mindre Nils (which means Smaller/Lesser Nils, Nils being a male Swedish name) turns it into small funny stories in between the klezmerpop and by that claims without any competition my own “Best Entertainer - Arvika” award.

    En bitter mimares försvarstal: (A bitter mime’s defence speech) Not music at all. …