• Some albums i like part 31: Rock!

    5 Jan 2007, 20:38 by geheza

  • yeah, my 2 new Kinks CDs bring back the old college days

    11 Nov 2006, 17:11 by JohnnySoftware

    One of the things I loved to do in college days was listen to my album "collection".

    My collection of albums was really small then - still is - and everything was "vinyl" then.

    It would be several years before CDs were introduced. And then a few mnore becore computers could read CDs and play them.

    Anyway, with my limited selections, the two albums I played the most often were
    One for the Road and Misfits.

    The Kinks were always one of my favorite bands, dating way back to my high school days.

    I bought their Low Budget when I was back in high school.

    Some track seemed certainly outrageous - but they all still very intellectually well founded. The subjects of some songs were very well chosen, and in a more than a couple cases on things unpleasant enough that people just did not think about them.

    I liked that the writing on the album is as clever as can be with its lyrics, rhthyms, and melodies.

  • Sam Cooke and my musical undertaking

    23 Mar 2006, 05:29 by atmidnight

    I am currently in the middle of listening to all of my unlistened music before I add any more. Of course, that means that I won’t be ripping any more of MY CDs; stuff loaned to me is fair game because it has to be returned, right? That’s why I didn’t make a dent in that chunk of songs today because I added Night Beat, Misfits, and Live. The first and last are excellent, and the Kinks’ record is slowly growing on me. As of Reason to Believe, I have 906 unlistened songs left, which is a bit over two and a half days.

    How did that massive block of songs build up? One, I get a lot of music from my friends. If I am given a gig of songs from a memory stick, I cannot listen to that gig all at once, so the stuff I am not as enthusiastic about receiving gets put on the backburner. Two, I have had two hard drive crashes in the last year, so a lot of songs I listened to on my old iTunes playlist have not been touched on this one, like the block of songs I have yet to listen to (I’ve been getting back into Fugazi recently…