• Lyrics Game #6 - It's 1982!

    2 May 2007, 14:36 by Kattastic

    You know the drill - guess the songs without the aid of Googling. Easy peasy!

    So this time around all the songs were recorded, released or charted during 1982.....

    Enjoy the trip!

    The Lyrics

    1. Hey sucker
    What the hell's got into you?
    Young Guns (Go For It)

    2. Shine on, shine the light on me,
    In all of my life so that much more I see
    Glittering Prize

    3. Tongue-tied, I’m short of breath,
    Don't even try, try a little harder
    Too Shy

    4. Poor old Johnny Ray,
    Sounded sad upon the radio,
    Moved a million hearts in mono.
    Come On Eileen

    5. ’s not so secret anymore
    Run from the house holding my head in my hands
    My Secret Garden

    6. Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet
    But only for one night with no repeat
    Maybe you'll go away and never call
    Second That Emotion

    7. The water shines
    A pebble skips across the face
    A dozen times, then disappears
    Mirror Man

    8. All I want to do is again
    Is that too much to ask for
    See You

    9. Say your mind has an overload
    Your heart beats rhythm
  • what's up (and some dreams)

    12 Jun 2006, 22:14 by typique

    I just love how Love And Rockets have this thing that their songs have both these very calm and soft parts and then these loud and sharp parts and how it just changes very well! Not all songs do, of course, that would be very boring, but many.

    I love Pet Shop Boys too. And the singer's voice. And their lyrics, they're so cool/sweet. (Like Luna Park. And Flamboyant, of course.)

    Then I've also been listening to Placebo a lot lately. I feel like I'm 14 again and that completely connects to Placebo. I sort of wish I had longer hair so I could dye it black :D (I want it black anyway, but this strengthens my urge.) Especially Placebo and Black Market Music have been playing... because they're so 14. Sometimes I just feel like drowning myself in Placebo like I maybe used to do, but - unfortunately for that feeling - there's always so much other great music that I can't.

    Brian Molko's voice is like some, mm, nougat, or caramel, something like that. …