• The Indelicates - American Demo

    6 Apr 2008, 14:06 by SoWhyX

    Well, what to say about this album by The Indelicates? I think, the most important thing to say is: Every band which has multiple vocalists tends to make people choose which one is better (there are exceptions, like Travis, but they have only one vocalist and the others just sing sometimes). If a band has vocalists of different genders, it just multiplies the problem. Yes, it is hard to compare female to male singers but usually you simply cannot do so so there is no need to solve this difficulty.

    It's different with The Indelicates: They are proud to have both and imho it's not the best idea to have. The first half of the album, the two "Indelicates", Simon and Julia, take turns in singing. It reflects on the quality of the songs, as I will point out. It also makes them be sorted not by their melody or music but by the singer, which is a really stupid way to sort music by. In the second half, there are some songs they both sing.

  • The Indelicates go further

    1 Jan 2008, 09:35 by spiderspit

    Joyful production, exquisite songcraft and a rare worldview back their brilliant lyrics.

    The Indelicates

    I followed your perfume
    as you ran down the street
    I caught you and held you
    and pushed back your fringe
    and swore undying loyalty
    New Art for the People

    Someone come and tap this pain!
    I haven't cried since Kurt Cobain.
    Waiting for Pete Doherty to Die

    Oh, oh, and we'll write funny songs about boys and girls
    And other boys and other girls
    This heartbreaking world where no one understands
    Oh, oh, it'll be so funny

    Read about them here. Download songs here .
  • Turning 21 with my favourite The Indelicates Song: New Art For The People

    28 Feb 2007, 23:54 by hannemandik

    When I turned 21 tonight while drinking Tequila shots I listened to "New Art for the People" Brilliant.