• The Horrible Crowes - Elsie

    19. Jan. 2012, 3:34 von clivestaples2

    When I first heard Behold The Hurricane on the radio, I thought it sounded good, exactly like a side project of The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon might sound. So after recommending the group to a friend, then forgetting about them, then having the album heavily recommended to me by that same friend, I went out and picked up the disc. There's a bit of mystery to the black packaging, the title that seemingly has little or nothing to do with the songs, and the weird spelling with that extra "e"...suspiciously like that other Crowes band.

    Behold the Hurricane is a great track (which I'm liking more and more after seeing the video) but it's a bit misleading because it would fit too neatly on a Gaslight album. The two album openers are more indicative of Elsie's sound: Last Rites sets the stage of fuzzy darkness and religious ritual, and Sugar acts as a sustained build with Fallon's voice caged, sometimes whispering. So the third track brings the hurricane, just when the listener itches for it. …