• Hoop The Fuck?

    12 May 2007, 12:24 by FattyElvis

    Saturday 12th May 11.41

    Dear Log,

    Having found all my hopes (and fears) were finally realised in one life changing mouse click, I discovered The Hoons (those purveyors of fine music to fertilize your sister to) had been coaxed out of their self-imposed exile to unleash their aural "bad seed" on an unsuspecting and ill-prepared public's yer'oles. "Great" I thought, it's about time we had some real music, a soundtrack if you like, for our impending Armageddon. And what better band to offer this then The Hoons, the two-piece improv. combo. from that dark place you find when you lift up your nut sack, after all, we only need quote J. Robert Oppenheimer after their second gig on Easter Island in 1945 “They am become death, dem sum bitch destroyers of Worlds”, and he was a bit of a clever bastard as it turned out and as such deserves the musical clout he commands. And then, it struck me, to my utter amazement and horror that they have left out THE track, the one thing that Hitler…
  • Jesus licked my banjo

    29 Apr 2007, 11:27 by blazindave

    As the title sugest, it's a biblical tale of good v's evil.
    Here the Hoons take us on a musical journey back in time. The song tells the long forgotten story of an evil prince (jesus) , who was the son of god and king of the castle. The story unfolds an unusual passage of jesus's life were he had the longing to get his hands on a Banjo and start a bluegrass folk group.

    The song cleverly re-tells this legend without the use of words.
    It twist and turns taking the listener on an emotional rollercoster ride that may well leave the listener in state of distress.

    If you think your nerves and emotions can handle this kind of moving, touching and all together religiouse experience then take a deep breath, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.The Hoons