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The Hollywood Ending formed some time around September 2002. With members of numerous failed past projects, The Hollywood ending at its inception started writing together with the intention of being a full time band. Yet early in the existance of T.H.E. other unexpected opportunities arose for multiple members of the band ( in a most ironic fashion) leaving them no choice but to persue them. Graham began playing drums full time for the band Belvedere(Calgary Alberta), Stu left shortly after to play guitar for Misery Signals(Milwaukee Wisconsin) and Ryan headed south aswell to play bass for Fordirelifesake(Detroit Michigan). All the members of the Hollywood Ending are currently involved in other projects. Be sure to check them all out:

Stu plays guitar in Misery Signals (Milwaukee Wisconsin)

Greg plays guitar in Mapping The Escape (Edmonton Alberta)

Graham now drums in This is a Standoff (Edmonton Calgary Ottawa)

Pud plays guitar in Passenger Action (Edmonton Alberta)

Byron now plays in The Hot Business (Edmonton Alberta)

Our good friend was kind enough to write this up for us:

This biography lands in the hands of the band members who requested it significantly later than it should be. While a weighty work schedule or laziness could be initiated as my cop-out excuses for the untimeliness at which I was able to concoct this, more valid reasons are underlying. Throughout the last several months, I've witnessed the actions of my friends who play in this band: the incessant jam schedule, the rigorous politics of sharing a member, the sickening technical prowess. In all of my constant exposure to them and their efforts, there is one very definite and pivotal instance in which by this band I was sufficiently floored. I've housed, especially in the last year or so, an acute radar and strong hesitation toward the bulk of bands that sound like this band does. While I maintain this narrow hallway of access, I can vividly recall the feeling of that passage being invaded, volumized and torn open - walking into their jam space… hearing their full repetoire of songs for the first time… raw, live and unrestrained; I was utterly disarmed. Every inkling of pretension I've fostered toward this form of music drained from me in that moment. And it was then, after months of prompting and the songs in my ears, that I withdrew my book from my bag and began writing. This, in my eyes, is strongsuit of The Hollywood Ending; their dynamic and propulsive music is like an injection of unrefined inspiration. Through the songs' dynamics, they are able to convey everything from serene introspection to understated urgency and all out emergency. At some moments, it's like a cacophonic onslaught of melody falling over itself. Rhythmically advanced and chronically challenging, THE are prevailant in an approach typically plagued by a reliance upon formula and haphazardness. In listening to this band, you can feel the energy put forth, the hours and meticulous songcraft that took place. It feels sublime, and it's why you need to see this band. -Jordan O.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/thehollywoodending#ixzz11naJ5M00

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