• Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 4

    24 Sep 2009, 19:43 by bobbiflekman

    (1) Recent conversations with idiotsdream led me to the shaming realisation that I had no Bananarama songs at all in my digital music library. Calm down, I’ve rectified this now, obviously, and my life is immeasurably better for it. Sometimes you want to listen to music that touches your soul, where a vocalist of uncommon and precious ability sings lyrics of love and loss and it makes you want to cry, because they’re singing to you, about your life, and you never imagined that there would be anyone else in the world who understood how you felt. And sometimes – well, most of the time, if I’m being honest – you want to listen to three pissed-up birds with pineapple hair-dos screeching, in wobbly and nasal harmony, about snogging blokes, while the syndrums and sequencers explode around them.


    (2) I am always in the market for witty and inventive hip-hop that demonstrates a certain sonic and lyrical flair…
  • Glam Rock Memories

    24 Dec 2005, 20:19 by Tr1xx

    I'd like to throw in a few thoughts here in my capacity as someone who can actually remember experiencing the Glam period from the early 70's at first hand. Incidentally, I live in the UK, so I can't speak for anywhere else.

    To set the scene, this was long before satellite TV, videotape, pop videos, DVD's or the Internet. Cassette recorders were the ipods of the 70's, with tracks recorded from radio or records. Now it might seem obvious, but the most significant feature of Glam, was the VISUAL appearance of the artists. There was a lot of competition to "outdo" each other by wearing more and more outrageous costumes and make-up. Gradually platform boots, pink satin trousers, glitzy sequinned jackets and liberal sprinklings of glitter everywhere became (almost) normal. A watered-down version of this image even became fashionable (?) on the high street. I recall many mentions of injuries caused by platform soled shoes. I believe they were banned in my own school for that reason.