• A Designers Republic Mixtape

    17 Mar 2009, 18:25 by nutriot

    Brain Aided Dancing’, an MP3 mix dedicated to music wrapped by Sheffield’s legendary design house. Every track included in the mix is plucked from my own music collection; sometimes bought for the sound, sometimes for the sleeve, and often a bit of both. It’s therefore a highly personal response to the Designers Republic’s work and the music within; there is certainly nothing comprehensive about it, and I’ve made no attempt to create a definitive record of their twenty-plus years’ hard labour. Rather, I have tried to engineer a mix that works on its own terms but that also stirs in a few of my favourite examples from their back catalogue. There are singles and there are album tracks - all were eligible so long as the sleeve bore the DR name.

    01. Age Of Chance - This Is Crush Collision
    02. Chakk - Timebomb
    03. Sun Electric - EYA (Green Velvet Funk Mix)
    04. The Step - Yeah You!
    05. The Funky Worm - ‘Hustle! (To The Music…) (Predora Mix)
    06. Moloko - Tight Sweater
    07. Junk - Your First Kiss Was My Last Breath Pt. 1