• Lyrics game 4 :P

    10 Mar 2008, 21:23 by rup_snogger

    Hm, you know the rules. I have lyrics plug-in for Winamp thanks to (Nikolai). Thanks a buuuunch! Now it's much easier to make lyrics games. I don't know how many songs I'll put. We'll see. :P

    1.I don't know anything at all
    And I'm somebody else

    2.And I'm good good good to go,
    And I'm good good good to go
    "Relient K - I So Hate Consequences"

    3.Remember Rio and get down
    Like some other DJ, in some other town
    "The Killers - On Top"

    4.You've got a beautiful temper
    but it gets the best of you, best of you
    "Number One Gun - Wake Me Up"

    5.There are just too many times that people have tried to look inside of me
    "Linkin Park - Hit the Floor"

    6.Figure since I'm so far gone,
    Oceans away
    "The Fray - Oceans Away"

    7.Took a ride, to the end of the line
    Where no one ever goes
    "Mika - Relax, Take It Easy"

    8.My Hands Shake, 'Cause Today I know
    You're Gonna Break My Heart And...