• New Music Every Week!

    27 Feb 2008, 15:53 by HizakiHitori

    We've been having ALOT of snow days recently, which gives me time to do alot of stuff. One thing I've noticed that I have been doing almost regularly on these days is discovering new music. Not really genre, but bands and artists and whatnot.

    I think this started with Klaxons. I don't even REMEMBER how I came upon these guys, but I just remember listening to Golden Skans and going "Awesome!", so I downloaded the whole album (Myths of the Near FutureGolden Skans), and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Another band that I've started listening to as a result of discovery is Rogue Wave. I believe the actual notice of them began with a commerical for a Zune or something. I don't remember, exactly, but I somehow came upon their song Lake Michigan, and instantly fell in love with their musical style. I would definitely check out their album Asleep At Heaven's Gate.

    And today, yet another snow day, I have came upon The Frames. Their song, Pavement Tune
  • Something New for Late Night listening

    26 Dec 2005, 16:43 by redrimbaud

    Ok....for those of you who have read my previous posts, you'll realise that I have a penchant for late night music. and here's one more for those post-christmas insomniacs...I was looking through my choices, and it includes a heck of a lot of covers. so this is almost like a twilight covers selection...

    Four Seasons In One Day - New Buffalo
    The original's already quite a great track, but this has that added twist of mechanical twitch that makes it even more of a late night tune.

    In The Deep Shade - The Frames
    I've already put one Frames track previously, but In the Deep Shade's plaintive and subtle flourishes screams 3am to me.

    The Thoughts of Mary Jane - Nick Drake
    Nick's that perfect late night troubadour. This is a gentler number, more pastoral and lilting.

    The Trapeze Swinger - Iron & Wine
    I've never been a big fan of Iron & Wine, but a friend introduced it to me and said I'll like it. And she's right...extremely long track, but well worth the time...

    To Cry About - Mary Margaret O'Hara