• Yes, another "best albums of 2009" list - JUST WHAT YOU NEED TO READ!!

    27 Dec 2009, 07:38 by CaptainGaylord

    I remember most of the top album lists last year started out with music snob crap like "well it was a pretty lousy year for music, but i guess SOME good things came out." 2008 wasn't a goldmine, but come on - a lot of good stuff came out! Granted, the albums by TV on the Radio, Portishead, Cut Copy, Elbow, and the like were all ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, but some stuff didn't suck! Like that Coldplay album. Boy oh boy, wasn't THAT a gem!

    There's no arguing that this year was abundant with great music. In fact, I wanted to just make a list of 20 or 25, but I just couldn't do it. Even 50 was hard for me! Anyway, without further rambling, here is my top albums list for 2009. I must warn you in advance though that it is quite long, and if you really want to sit and read all about what some random guy on the internet thinks about the year in music when it's such a beautiful day outside, well.. it's your life.

    50. Röyksopp - Junior