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Every now and then, a band will come along – a band so ground-breaking, so unbelievably handsome, so technically proficient, that people stop dead in their tracks and ask themselves, “Are these mortals, or some manner of celestial beings?” Unfortunately for The Finkelstiens, they are not such a band. In fact, the only question ever asked about them is, “Arent they finished yet?”

Building their, um, stellar reputation on their live shows, The Finkelstiens combine their questionable music with energetic live performances, hoping that the more they roll around on the floor, the less people will actually examine their musicianship. With lead guitarist Wang exchanging snappy banter with bassist Worm, the performances often come off as impromptu comedy skits intermingled with the odd song here and there, the operative word being ‘odd. The band is rounded off by Chompa on drums. Chompa doesnt talk much – he just spends all his time in his garden shed, muttering to himself.

The Finkelstiens have recently released their third studio album, entitled The Finkelstiens vs. Rock ‘n Roll. The release includes Good Life, the theme song from the Crazy Monkey movie, Straight Outta Benoni, which reached number 2 on 5 Fms Top 40. The song, that is. Not the movie. How could a movie reach number 2 on radio?? Honestly. Anyway, first song off the album to hit radio waves was Rock n Roll, which reached number 1 on, uh, well, the track listing of the album. Its the first song, so technically it reached number 1, right? Right. The current single on rotation is Dark Days, and its about days that are dark. Its a metaphor, because a day cant be dark, or itd be a night. Were using metaphors now. The bands previous two albums elicited a number of radio-bothering singles, including: QQ Me, Fragile, Scattered Memories and Find Its You. Those songs are generally accepted as the greatest songs ever written.

Having rocked the Coca Cola Colab Massive Mix in Centurion, Durban and Cape Town, along with international greats such as Metallica, The Rasmus and Simple Plan, The Finkelstiens went on to finish 2006 off in style. This December the band embarked on the Go Summer Tour, powered by XBOX 360, in association with youth publication Jip, and Renault, together with The Springbok Nude Girls and Scarlet Box. This tour was the single greatest thing that has ever happened to any human being.

Nominated two years running for the Kelloggs Kids Star in U Awards, the band appeals on a wide scale to a younger audience. Their popularity was confirmed in 2005 when they won the Kelloggs Kids Star In U award for Best Punk Rock band. And as for the SAMA Awards, well… Well, well, well!! Theyve never been nominated.

Other accolades that The Finkelstiens notched up in 2005 include: playing at Cosmopolitans 21st birthday bash; performing at the Channel O Awards; and opening for international act The Offspring.

The band tours the country extensively and their constant contact with their fans is confirmed with their videos being among the most requested on DStv channels Go and MK89. Granted, all the requests are that the videos be taken OFF air, but thats still a request, technically.

In 2005, The Finkelstiens embarked on four very well received national tours, including: The Powerzone Roadshow, The Rocktober Tour, The Go! Summer Tour; and Koulas Campus Classics Tour. And, uh, the National Pork Products Awareness Tour, sponsored by Uncle Jeffreys House of Pork. So thats five tours.

We have some quotes from reliable industry sources about the band, and their new album:
“Theyre so, so good. They should be the biggest band on earth.” – Worms mom
“Ive been ruling Cuba for 47 years, and Ive never seen anything quite like The Finkelstiens. They make me want to be a better person.” – Fidel Castro
“Ill give their new album two thumbs up!! Pure genius! Good drumming too.” – Chompa
“I know Im not even alive anymore, but The Finks are really good.” – Buddy Holly

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