• My Twitter soundtrack

    3 May 2008, 13:25 by nate32x

    nate32x love the Mr. T rocky iii samples in One Be Lo's "Smash" about 12 hours ago from web

    nate32x i'm here like air 'til i'm beer on the curb 05:45 PM May 01, 2008 from txt [ Touch the Sky ]

    nate32x "Its the e-m-cease-a-leos / Ya'll gon' smell defeat like cheese doritos" - Masta Ace (eMC's "Leak It Out") 03:42 PM April 28, 2008 from web

    nate32x in my office jammin' to hold music on a conference call where the "leader has not yet arrived" ... i call early just to hear this 02:02 PM April 15, 2008 from web

    nate32x workin' through my years long ultimate music rating project 01:43 PM March 27, 2008 from web

    nate32x wait a minute, was i humming Lord of the Rings music earlier, not real sports? 11:29 PM March 25, 2008 from web

    nate32x just found myself inexplicably humming and whistling the theme to hbo's 'real sports' ... actually i now realize it is a pretty awesome song 10:29 AM March 25, 2008 from web