• Favorite Albums 601 - 800

    6 Dec 2014, 10:40 by Dunnemin

  • The resurrection of The Dutch

    18 Sep 2014, 06:55 by Rissan

    Wed 17 Sep – Resurrection“The newspaper Parool considered it to be a reunion. We prefer to cal it a resurrection. This band should never have split 30 years ago.”

    The opening words of Hans Croon at the Paradiso at the start of their first show in 30 years. During their existance from 1979 to 1987 The Dutch released two ep’s, an lp and several singles of which their single This Is Welfare became a minor hit. The 90 minutes setlist presented cross section of their repertoire. After an uncertain start in openers Codified Minds and The End Of Ideology the band found their pace and like a smooth machine the combo played their songs to a cheerful public. Highlights in the setlist were America, Another d’Artagnan, This Old Land, This Is Welfare and the b-side Out Here Where The Caveman Dwells, of which some were introduced with nice anekdotes by Hans Croon. Another Sunny Day was quoted with an appearence at Top Pop, but without the ballet as his brother Bert Croon noted. …