• Wall ov Shame

    26 Aug 2008, 12:51 by Neziumi

    English version:

    Welcome to the Wall ov Shame. If you read it, you probably want to post in my shoutbox. This is to show you what you shouldn't write here:

    Tr00 blakk methulz elitists:
    ZOMG, you listen to Linkin Park and System of a Down! What a mallcore gay poser! Iron Maiden? LULZ, pseudometal for em0s! Saetia? wut? tagged as emo mustb gay! only tr00 blekk metal!~!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Nazi propaganda lulz:
    LULZ, U R agaynst nazis? it means that U R commie gay nigger poser emo liberal christian muslim arabic asian buddhist antifa!!!!!!!!11111111111111 go to teh gas chamberz and dye! fukk U! 1488! Sieg heil satan! Odin and Thor are as Aryan as Perun! WPWW! U R in ZOG! & U R very very commie bcoz u lizden to The Clash. and you 've got The Devil'z Rejects scrobbled so you are a nigger. LOL! 14 WORDS! LIZDEN TO Absurd, Landser end Skrewdriver!!!!!111

    Antifa witchhunt idiots:
    U've got Nokturnal Mortum& Dub Buk in ur top 666!11111111 en u seid u liek som Темнозорь U R NAZI!!!!!!!!1111111…