• Some New Stuff

    22 Jun 2007, 01:19 by Loney

    Haven't posted a while in my musical jounral. But I have been meaning too. Cut to the chase I'll tell you a few new things i've been listening too.

    With the recent return of my brothers who's collection of music must be bigger than a Media Megastore I've develled into some new and interesting stuff.

    Mainly a break from my normal stuff too. Plan B has crept into my ears, the rappers recent EP realsed this year caught me by surprise and his remixes of classic rock songs whilst managing to throw some deep and seemingly meanful lyrics unlike most of the terrible hip hop that floods the media. Paint it Black for instance is a cover of a Rolling Stones song, whilst keeping the feel of the Stones Plan B manages to lay down his own sound creating a amazing and interesting listening experience. I'll keep out for Plan B, And I'd recommend who ever you are even if Rap isn't your thing to keep an eye on him.

    A recent venture onto last.fm lead me to find a shout from The Della Roccas, a band that I feel should get alot more seeing too. …