• Christmas & New Year 2009/2010.

    28 Oct 2009, 21:27 by vjsupersaint

    OK so first of all I'm just checking. To see if you're all alive & well out there.

    Are you knackered with just 10 days to go until Christmas?

    OK well those of you that have also joined us in Unsigned Christmas. Will know that we now have 17 very fine tracks there to listen to until January .

    But for those of us here in The UK. This is the one we want to chart. this coming Sunday. Here is my unilaterally copied message to everyone.

    OK well everyone seems to be backing something or someone. For a real XFactor alternative UK Christmas #1 this year. So here's my tip Please follow the link. And then click on the top line. That will take you through to ITunes where you can buy this. http://www.cliffmas.co.uk/ OK so it's a pop song. But at least it's real. By real people. Those being Detox Cute And The Beauty Junkies from Brighton. And it's an original composition by the pair of Popsters themselves. And not some rip-off song that has already been flogged to death. By the so-called popular radio stations. …
  • and so it begins

    21 Oct 2005, 15:09 by such_a_rush

    well, just discovered this place via a google on The Dawn Collective, and am rather curious. looks like it could be even better than music plasma, though maybe not as pretty looking.

    had a look at a few suggestions, but most of them i'm already onto. i'm currently giving Clap Your Hands Say Yeah a spin, as it was in a few lists, and i've heard good things, but not actually heard. sounds kinda cool. pretty happy pop sorta thing, not my normal fair, but something cool when cheerfulness is calling.