23 Feb 2015, 02:52 by princess_mischa

    It's a bit crazy to think I've been on this (and other) sites for ten years. But it's fascinating to think how much my charts have probably changed in a decade. (A decade? Seriously?) I've got to wake up early, so I'll probably update again with my comments on the charts at a later date.

    1. The Cure - 6,813
    2. Interpol - 3,999
    3. Doves - 2,761
    4. TV on the Radio - 2,698
    5. Nick Drake - 2,668
    6. Sigur Rós - 2,205
    7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,718
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,709
    9. The Mars Volta - 1,670
    10. The Killers - 1,615

    It seems the Top 3 artists will take some time to unseat, but with just how much of The Cure, Interpol, and Doves I listened to in the first three to five years on this site (a lot), I can understand. Back then I didn't have nearly as many artists in my music collection, so I listened to the same artists over, and over, and over again. Amazingly TV on the Radio jumped up two spots from #6 to #4. Having their latest album released in November probably helped out a bunch…
  • Nine Years

    26 Feb 2014, 06:51 by princess_mischa

    I'm a little over a week late on this, but out of 365 days in a year, I'll take a few days. I also haven't been listening to as much music lately with where I currently reside. So I probably went only 100 or 200 songs past February 14th. So here's where my overall play count is:

    1. The Cure - 6,659
    2. Interpol - 3,923
    3. Doves - 2,672
    4. Nick Drake - 2,609
    5. Sigur Rós - 2,105
    6. TV on the Radio - 2,058
    7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,667
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,658
    9. The Mars Volta - 1,547
    10. Radiohead - 1,519

    It seems that there hasn't been much change over the past year, and since I don't listen to music quite as much in my current location, it's not a huge surprise. From what I notice Franz Ferdinand and Blonde Redhead flip-flopped. I also see that Coldplay has finally made it's drop off the Top 10 and has been replaced by Radiohead. I've been taking a break from Coldplay over the last year or so, so that's understandable. …
  • Eight Years

    17 Feb 2013, 19:18 by princess_mischa

    Finally updating for eight years on last.fm. Eight! Wow. I know my Top 10's aren't as different as I'd like it to be since I had two issues with my computer. Once with my laptop battery and then a month after that with my AC cord. Which was great fun. I waited a couple months on the last so that I'd be able to afford it. So, now onto the Top 10's.

    1. The Cure - 6,418
    2. Interpol - 3,794
    3. Nick Drake - 2,560
    4. Doves - 2,552
    5. Sigur Rós - 1,997
    6. TV on the Radio - 1,938
    7. Blonde Redhead - 1,605
    8. Franz Ferdinand - 1,602
    9. Coldplay - 1,464
    10. The Mars Volta - 1,336

    I've added a lot of new music over the last couple years, but I've had most of these artists in my library from the beginning or nearly that. So I can see how it would take awhile before some of them start creeping higher up my Overall list. I am happy to see that The Mars Volta have reappeared in my Top 10 again after not even being on the list since the first year (and that was a Top 5…
  • Seven Years!

    14 Feb 2012, 23:24 by princess_mischa

    It's amazing to think that I've been on this site for so long. And also that many of my top artists and songs haven't changed much in the last few years. Hopefully in another year or two I might start seeing more change, but hopefully just going to the Top 10 instead of Top 5 might continue to help that a little.

    Top Artists:
    1. The Cure - 6,175
    2. Interpol - 3,584
    3. Nick Drake - 2,501
    4. Doves - 2,327
    5. Sigur Rós - 1,753
    6. TV on the Radio - 1,737
    7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,485
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,459
    9. Coldplay - 1,453
    10. Architecture in Helsinki - 1,018

    It seems like I really listened to those first six artists a lot in the first few years. They've not changed much. I can see that Coldplay has again fallen two places, but that's not very surprising. I got a bit burnt out on them about a year or so ago, so I'm taking a break from their music. I'm also still surprised that Architecture in Helsinki are still hanging on. …
  • The 10 best songs from... Part II

    20 May 2011, 23:27 by borntohang

    This time, in a way of dealing with my current mood, I have chosen to list the ten best songs from The Cure. This could very well be the most difficult list to make.
    But anyway, here it is.

    1. Plainsong

    - Because of the atmosphere, the melancholy beauty and the lyrics. One of the best songs ever written by anyone.

    2. The Same Deep Water as You

    - Over nine minutes long, but every second of this majestic and dark masterpiece is mindblowing. And the lyrics are mega; "In my eyes your smile, the very last thing before I go". Love in death can be incredible.

    3. One More Time

    - Because of my associations, because of you and because of the melody. One of the saddest melodies I have ever heard.

    4. Faith

    - Could be Robert Smiths best lyrics. Long, atmospheric, dark and existential. I adore it.

    5. Cold

    - Icy cold synths, ominous drums and Simon Gallup's murmuring bass frame Smiths anguished vocals and lamenting words on drugs and death. Nothing short of a masterpiece.
  • an obsession - the cure.

    27 Nov 2008, 10:42 by aizy_87

    **updated** on 5th of january 2009

    The Cure <3

    it's not a case of telling the truth
    some lines just fit the situation
    you call me a liar
    you would anyway.

    i've spent most part of the last year listening to this brilliant band you might have heard of, The Cure. its become an obsession really. and even though their new album is a bit of a disappointment, my love for the cure is still at a high. from Three Imaginary Boys to 4:13 Dream, THIS IS MY BAND.

    my opinion about each studio album below.

    Three Imaginary Boys(1979):- this is perhaps their only true "" sounding album. and even though the album has its high points in "10:15 Saturday Night", "Fire In Cairo" **update** and in Grinding Halt , it certainly isn't their best effort in my opinion.
    My Rating: 3/5

    Boys Don't Cry(1980):- a compilation album consisting most of the songs from "Three Imaginary Boys" + a bit of new material. …