• My top 10 The Cult songs 2013/02/23

    23 Feb 2013, 04:11 by Mr10Madness

  • Top 15 The Cult songs

    28 Aug 2010, 22:43 by Hipergerman

    The Cult is one of the most talented and underrated bands in the history of rock.

    In the early years The Cult was a gothic rock/post-punk band, but in the late 80's it turned into a hard rock band, although in 1994 was released the "grungish" album "The Cult (Black Sheep)". Since its reunion, in 1999 (they splited-up in 1995), they released two LPs: the heavy album "Beyond good and evil" (2001) and the hard/alternative album "Born into this" (2007).

    You can see clearly that the band played much genres of rock, and it is very interesting because you can see a lot of influences in their music.

    Well, let's go with my personal top 15 The Cult songs:

    15.-) If, from Ceremony.

    The greatness of this song is in the lyrics: claim of peace over the world. However, the music is not bad, of course. The piano is absolutely amazing, the bass and the drums are good, and Billy Duffy make a great job in the guitar, showing great riffs and short (but great) solos. …
  • Cult @ metro's

    13 May 2010, 02:35 by earthcrossing

    Wed 12 May – Love Live Tour

    So last night was The Cult concert, and first up was a band I thought I had never heard of called The Black Ryder. Turns out though that they are one of the bands recently recommended to me by a fellow Last.fm user. So thanks for the tip chick!! I really liked them, although it seemed most others were more just waiting for the Cult to come on. I could relate to that, and yet this support band was lovely shoegaze, which is one of my newer favourite musical genres of the last few years. There were female vocals and male, and I think mostly each song would be either one or the other. There are two free downloads on Last.fm, so you should check 'em out if you're into that genre!

    Anyway, the Cult rocked. We saw the first part of their set from the very top level of Metro's, and I have some cool photos from there. A few songs in we went down to the ground floor and stood at the side of stage, where I got some more good photos…
  • The Cult, Melkweg Amsterdam 9-3-2008

    12 Mar 2008, 08:32 by Beavis_2

    Sun 9 Mar – The Cult

    Wat moet je zeggen van The Cult. These guys rock! En dan de show openen met Nirvana en je heb mij helemaal mee. Een gave setlist en heel goed geluid maakt het tot een heerlijke zondag(rock)avond.

    Tja, ik had kaarten voor het uitverkochte concert van zaterdagavond. Helaas heb ik die moeten verkopen en voor zondag een kaartje moeten kopen. Maar als ik achteraf de setlist bekijk was dat nog helemaal geen foute beslissing. Nummers als Fire Women, The Witch en Nirvana had ik anders gemist. Aan de andere kant geen I Assasin en geen Electric Ocean. Maar ja, je kan niet alles hebben. Voor de fans die twee avonden zijn geweest natuurlijk fantastisch dat ze de setlist iets hadden aangepast.

    Het tempo zat er lekker in. Pas na een aantal nummers werd er contact gezocht met het publiek. Nee niet Ian Astbury maar Billy Duffy die het woord voerde de gehele avond. Het publiek kwam pas echt los na Fire Woman. Helaas werd Dirty Little Rockstar wat minder enthousiast ontvangen. Toch een geweldig nummer, zeker live.
  • Best of Each 5

    11 Sep 2007, 14:23 by floreste

    February 27th 1987 Ashes to Ashes - Fame And Fashion

    April 8th 1987 Victoria Gardens - Utter Madness

    April 14th 1987 Nice In Nice - Dreamtime

    May 22nd 1987 Love Removal Machine - Electric

    May 29th 1987 Red Sky - In The Army Now. I'm sorry.

    June 1987 Seaside Rendezvous - A Night at the Opera

    July 5th 1987 Skin Trade and Missionary Man - compilation 'Top 40 vol. 6'. What a pity I stopped doing these, I'd've been on Top 40 vol. 246 by now.

    July 1987 Sheer Heart Attack - News Of The World

    July 1987 Bicycle Race - Jazz
  • The Cult Amsterdam Melkweg 17.06.2007

    18 Jun 2007, 09:39 by Beavis_1

    Sun 17 Jun – The Cult

    Review: I'll quote some shouts from The Cult Forum site which describes the show (and my feeling about the gig) the best way:

    Ezzy wrote: "When they were about to kick in the acoustic songs someone from the audience shouted Sun King to which Ian replied that it wasn't on the setlist but maybe later they could see (which they did in the encore). Great to see a band that takes requests

    They were enjoying themselves on stage. Billy and Ian fooling around. The only bad thing Billy ever did was wearing a cowboy hat in one of the videos (so he said). He also said that they had to do the acoustic bit because Ian was getting too old

    Anyway, I think they looked fit, Ian sang great, they were enjoying themselves, we were enjoying ourselves, I had the best view ever.
    In short: one great night of rock.

    Edit: almost forgot to say that the new song kicks ass ... can't wait for the new album to come out. …
  • Careful with that axe, Eugene...er, Billy

    17 May 2007, 20:32 by harryhaller

    I regularly listen to the Darkwave show on Sirius Satellite Radio, which is a show dedicated (sort of) to playing the greatest "goth" hits of the 80s (I don't know when Duran Duran became goth, but it wasn't back in the days when I was doing my best Peter Murphy impression in the school hallways). It's actually a little maddening to listen to, because they've got an incredibly short playlist for a three-hour weekly show and there is a lot of repetition from show to show. Which may be great if you only listen to the show every now and then, but even I get sick of hearing TOWER OF STRENGTH by Mission UK every other show, and it may have been my favourite song of 1987.

    Anyway, they also regularly play this acoustic version of Edie (Ciao Baby), by The Cult that reinforces my long held belief that the acoustic and electric guitars are fundamentally different instruments every time I hear it.

    I've always had a fair bit of respect for Billy Duffy as a guitarist. …