• Prancey Dog @ The Cluny 2

    19 Jul 2009, 19:51 by BAFfan

    Sat 18 Jul – Narcfest
    There were five bands playing the Prancey Dog stage so we were headed there. Soundcheck was still on so we decided on our hunt for We Are The Physics and failed so went for a coffee at Great Coffee on the Quayside instead. Well, I had a strawberry milkshake. After that we decided to return to the venue where first band The Cornshed Sisters had just finished, said hi to Ross from The Futureheads and sat down on the plush tiered seats up the far wall. Not long after we struck gold, leaving the room only to bump into 3 Michael's and a Chris ('Eeeee, you've had your hair cut!') We had a nice chat with them before they disappeared backstage. I think we went back outside for a walk next, looking for the steps to The Cumberland Arms coming back to catch the end of Chippewa Falls who sounded amazing, their music reminding me of waterfalls and forests and stuff. I just seemed to melt away. It was the next interlude and I must have bumped into Michael M (literally) twice. Much fun. …
  • too much beer and too much music

    19 Jul 2009, 16:52 by PopSocks

    Sat 18 Jul – Narcfest The bank was steep, some nice draft ales, the rain seemed to happen when we were inside, the music was good, we liked:
    The Cornshed Sisters,The School,Moira Stewart and Piney Gir and at last we got to see Chippewa Falls after having seen their drum kit play at so many gigs.
    A nice pre Indietracks warm up.