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Pete no longer goes by the Comb-overs. Just by Pete Davis now. Change your tags!

The Comb-Overs is the acoustic 'one-man-band' of New Jersey's Pete Davis. He originally started recording at home with a 16-track and a few instruments, but has upped his musical arsenal to include acoustic (and the rare electric) guitars, piano, bass, drums, keyboard and synth arrangements, bells, cello, banjo, and accordion, all of which can be heard throughought the albums and all of which are played by Pete himself.

In late 2002 Pete recorded his first EP "Tentatively Self-titled" which showcased a few simple folkish songs and one full-band recording (featuring drums, piano, and bass tracks). However the recording and performance quality was harshly unpleasant. During the next year he put out his second release, the LP "Passing It Off as Art." The new album was a bit more adventurous, offering more instrument variation and even an a cappella song ('Planted'). In the Summer of 2003 he released a short EP entitled "Common Houseplants EP" which consisted of five songs that were originally meant to be on the upcomming full-length but were removed to help fluidity of the album. In the Winter he released his second full-length, "The Waterworks." It featured more full recordings, an overall darker undertone, and a relative theme throughout the entire album. He then took some time off to work on his other project called "Surface Area": an equivalent to the Comb-overs as a post-hardcore indie rock outfit. In 2004 he received an accordion that he used on "Algorithms and Anaerobics", an EP consisting of just one song ("Anaerobics") that was 30 minutes long. He then came into ownership of a cello which was featured on his latest full-length "Emergency Response."

In recent months Pete has re-recorded the first four CDs of the Comb-overs career to improve the sound and performance of the earlier songs. Some have been fleshed-out with broad orchestration while others remain exactly true to the original versions (and some have been completely revamped and refurbished). The original four have been lumped together into one collection called "Original Recordings and Demos", and the new recordings (tentatively refered to as 'redux' recordings) have taken the name of their respective albums. These four (as well as "Algorithms…" and "Emergency Response") will be available for sale in the Fall of 2006 on various online music stores (such as iTunes and Rhapsody) and hopefully as pressed CDs (shipped out by Pete himself) as well.

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