• Sandinista! Now...

    24 May 2009, 17:51 by peteisinnocent

    On Snews last year, I remember clearly (surprisingly, even though basically all I visited there was the random threads... between Eva, Echo, Taylor, and anyone else that came in... and I) that there was a thread in The Clash related section, basically... to take Sandinista! down from a triple album to a more accessible album (...meaning, one disc, that's it). So basically, you get 70 minutes (if you're going by a normal CD these days...) or 45 minutes going by a normal vinyl record. I'll probably stick to a 70 minute CD rather than trying to shorten Sandinista! to 45 minutes.

    Easily, I think, I can take out songs like... (or... all of the dubs)...
    Mensforth Hill
    Shepherd's Delight
    Silicone on Sapphire
    Version Pardner
    Living in Fame
    One More Dub

    All the dubs are gone and I've lost... how many minutes?
    24:35 (if my math is right...) so, I've gone from 144:29 to 120:34.
    I'm still over 2 hours right now... so what else can I cut... so I guess I'll try to cut out songs that aren't even sung by Clash members.