• The worm that turned

    Gen 10 2011, 11:28 di krishner

    There's this cop see and he infiltrates the green movement - its his job gettit to infiltrate the green movement - except he doesn't simply sit there noting who is who and grassing them up to his superiors, he joins in like wholeheartedly even to the extent of organising actions himself, recruiting new members, going on recon missions all in all getting right on in there - some would say agent provocateur. Why not? Anyway it all goes pear shaped when he's found out to be a nark and the group he's part of are all arrested for plotting an attack on a coal-fired power station in the (y)UK. Time passes. Today it transpires he has had a crisis of conscience, and has told the defence team of his former green comrades that he will turn states evidence for them. The prosecution have had a baby! The case has collapsed, and the activists are free. Which is all good news. But the problem here is this poor, misguided individual who joined the met to fight the bad guys and after nine years eating porridge…
  • My Library Annotated: Clash

    Set 7 2009, 20:34 di rwitte

    I was a teenager when the whole kicked off. Although, I could appreciate the nihilistic anger and despair of The Sex Pistols, I wouldn't have dreamed of buying the record.

    My friend, Mark Wilson, introduced me to The Clash by The Clash.

    The first thing that struck me was Police and Thieves. I did not know that it was a Junior Murvin cover, but I did know it was . Even the nihilistic White Riot was melodic. And the twisted patriotism of I'm So Bored Of The USA also appealed.

    I should mention that the also coveredf I Fought the Law

    So when their second album Give 'Em Enough Rope came out, I rushed to the store. I wasn't disappointed. I assumed that my favourite track, Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad referenced to the recent high profile LSD factory bust, operation julie.

    By the time of London Calling, the explicitly socialist agenda was becoming clear. As a Londoner, I couldn't resist London Calling or Guns Of Brixton.