• Top 50

    1 Jun 2009, 02:10 by curse_of_me

    1. What's your favorite song by 14? Foo Fighters

    Um... it would be a tie between My Hero, Everlong and Learning to Fly.

    2. How did you get into 20? Sanctity

    Because I'm a huge fan of Trivium and Trivium's lead singer, Matt Heafy, helped Sanctity get signed.

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8? Cradle of Filth

    Dani Filth, who else! lol

    4. What's your favorite lyric by 5? Trivium

    At the moment...:

    "My flesh is ripped at daily
    It's the cross I bear"

    From Of Prometheus and the Crucifix.

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live? Him

    Yes, once in Auckland, NZ.

    6. What's your favorite album from 10? Crucifix Doll

    Uh... they only released one as Crucifix Doll. Fuck This Flower

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3? Seether

    Yeah... a shirt. And not really merch, but one of the drumsticks from their Auckland concert.

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7? Toby Keith


    9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2? Satyricon

  • KoЯn, Flyleaf en Deathstars @ Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

    31 Jan 2008, 08:45 by carpoolaccident

    Tue 29 Jan – KoЯn, Flyleaf, Deathstars

    Wie vorig jaar Korn heeft gemist tijdens hun festivaltour krijgt vandaag een herkansing. De reis gaat onder de naam 'Bitch! We Have A Problem Tour' en tijdens deze presenteert de band, naast bekende grote hits, nummers van het onlangs verschenen Untitled. Samen met de nu-metal band komen Flyleaf en Deathstars mee als de support-acts om het publiek wat op te warmen.

    Tijdens de Europese tour is het aan het Zweedse Deathstars om de avond te openen, dit met een dertig minuten speeltijd. Dit te danken aan Jonathan Davis, de zanger is namelijk een grote fan van de industrial-metalband. Wat de opvalt is dat veel fans speciaal voor het vijftal naar het optreden zijn gekomen. Het staat dan ook al helemaal vol wanneer ze beginnen en iedereen doet van begin tot eind enthousiast mee. Veel nieuws kunnen de fans echter niet verwachten, hoewel het derde album al bijna af is is het een mix van de eerste twee wat we voorgeschoteld krijgen. …
  • Now On Sale @ Knitting Factory!!!!

    19 Jun 2007, 21:01 by TheKnitLA

    Wednesday, July 11th
    Lennon, Cary Ott
    7:30, $8
    Lennon Murphy's songs -- an aural outpouring of her extreme, intense life -- are as dramatic as any movie. Lennon admits that sometimes her life, with ups and downs including tour bus accidents, fighting for the custody of her young sister after the death of their only parent, and record industry fiascos, is more like a horror movie. Through it all, though, this versatile, cool rock chick maintains her humor....sometimes with a little help from a bottle of Maker's Mark. Her life-to-date--in all its gutsy glory, uncertainty and down-to-earth vulnerability and power--can be heard in the songs her latest CD, Damaged Goods. The record is like Lennon herself: original, surprising, independent and multi-faceted. "Music is starting to change again, and I just want to do rock, whether it's heavy or not," Lennon concludes. "My opinion is that if it's a great song, it's a great song, no matter what format it is.”