• 19,990~19,975

    13 Sep 2008, 08:42 by HananivW

    19,990 Blonde Redhead Spring And By Summer Fall This just rings of the Church to me. atmospheric, soaring guitars and lots of "noise" going on. I've listened to other songs by these guys, but didn't get the same vibe at all. This is spot on, though.

    19,989 Scott Simons Umbrella A perfect example of how the song is what matters. I know nothing of Scott Simon except that he used to front some band (Social Distortion possibly? heh?) . . And the rihanna version I don't really know, so. Great cut.

    19,988 + 19,987 Jason Harrod Looming + Siobhan Please know that these songs are from one of my top five albums ever. I would never want to put this on Jason, but like Derek Webb, I would let Jason Harrod speak for me. His head is in the right place and his songs sound like what mine do only so much better. Much much better. His songs are really what I have always tried to create. He created them, though, not me. Thus I respect and love his gift of melody and, well, tunage. …
  • Getting to 20,000 songs

    13 Sep 2008, 07:25 by HananivW

    I have taken the top 25 songs listed on last.fm, combined them with my top 25 songs listed in iTunes. I've then put them on shuffle to find out which one becomes the 20,000th song.

    Here we go:

    19,974 Derek Webb-Wedding Dress A song gets the most plays for no other reason than it still holds some mystery that the listener still can't quite figure out. replay, replay, replay. Why does this resonate so deeply with me? Who dare speak to close to my heart without knowing me? Nightime is not a good song to listen to this song because I am afraid of the truth. I am a whore, I do confess.

    I run down the aisle to you.

    19,973 Dave Barnes-Until You I'll tell you why I love this song -- Dave Barnes totally stole a seemingly patented Alan Parsons Project sound and gets kudos for great placement in this song! A find from Bro' Mark --God, how I loved to play this song at his wedding. Now that was the right time for such a great song. …