• The 7-Step-Program To Becoming Part Of A Legendary Ska Compilation

    13 Sep 2010, 13:41 by joescholes

    Did I promise to tell how Mark Brennan from Link Records found out about The Braces in 1988? Then I better deliver. At the end of this text you will know even more. You will have learned the 7 steps that were necessary to get on “Skank – Licensed To Ska” – and make the most of it.

    Step 1: Play live at a festival
    One of our first shows outside the Krefeld area was at a festival called “Ska Against Apartheid” in Hannover, some 300 kilometers away from home. Antje Winzer and Siggi Seidel (a.k.a the Dance Craze Society) were the organisers – lovely German Ska activists from day one and still not retired today.