• Journal Entry #39 - 06/05/08: Infinity on Shuffle pt. 2: Electric Bugaloo

    6 Jun 2008, 03:03 by R_Kamidees

    So I come around again and what do I have for you? More of the same.
    To the uninitiated: I put my library on shuffle and blog my feelings. Exciting ain't it?

    Eagle*Seagull - Hello, Never
    Imagine a sunset over a highway that runs parallel to a coastline. Imagine a couple silhouetted holding hands and walking away from the camera. Now imagine film credits rolling over this scene (what is a "Best Boy?"). This would be the song that plays. Emotive singing, a bouncy rhythm section. What more could you need?

    Dispatch - Bats In The Belfry
    I swear this is as close to Ska that I'll allow in my library. If I were to file my collection autobiographically, this would be filed under "Music that was forced upon me when I used to hang out with emo bands and I grew to like solely as an adapted survival trait of my sanity." How long does Windows allow folder names to be? Maybe I'm being a little harsh. It's not bad. "Fun-time high school music" may be a more appropriate folder name.