• You can call me an asshole if you like

    15 Sep 2008, 17:36 by Audaxregina

    I'm going to do something really maverick here--write in this journal after over year of leaving it to molder and rot. I'm usually hesitant to blog about music, because one rapidly risks being that asshole who claims they KNOW about music (and of course nobody else KNOWS quite as well), and refuses to admit that they listen to The Backstreet Boys or Christian Death when their scrobbler is turned off.

    But in the wake of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist being turned into a movie, and the absolute and utter alienation I felt at the hands of the novel it's based upon by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, I felt it was worth coming out of hibernation. To rant. A lot.

    Right so, if you listen to elevator muzak, I think you might consider being embarrassed about your taste, because that is not music. That is heresy. I'm sure you can find in Dante's Inferno that Muzak listerners belong in some level of hell along with betrayers and those who bear false witness. But if you think Britney Spears is absolutely rad, that's fine. …
  • 2008 Albumexpectations: 'What Good Will Come Out?'

    1 Jan 2008, 00:06 by Rockrooster

    The battle of the titans First up we have the new albums from my favourite top 3 artists: U2, Anastacia and No Doubt. Anastacia is a top artist for 5 years now, where U2 and No Doubt are favourite artist for a decade!. They are all releasing a comebackalbum this year, which will make it a battle of titans! But I think No Doubt will win it, since their last studio-album is dated from 2001! Their comeback must be outrageous! Rumour has it the album from Anastacia will be called ‘My Vision’, which must be a joke since she is half blind. Luckily she is not infected by the Timbaland-bug and she is going for a more electric album. U2 is heading to a more Middle-East direction with their album, can’t wait to see how that turns out.

    The next best seven Then we also have albums from non-top artists, but still albums I am looking out for, 7 to be precise. The Goldfrapp-album has already leaked and it sounds ok, but due to this (3,5 month) too early leak there will be some changes. …
  • 39: MusicReview

    29 Sep 2007, 10:17 by Rockrooster

    Introduction ”What was up this week?” And again musicland stays alive! Videoland delivered 5 videos, less then last week, but enough if you would ask me. Two videos made it to ‘video fave’. Nicole Scherzinger’s video is way to lame for words, come on. I could have made that video! Rihanna and Ne-Yo actually surprised me a lot. I like the song, but love the video! But it did not became video fave, just like the new Darren Hayes video. Hate it! And what’s up with al the teasers from Darren, normally it’s only for a first single, not for a second…But more strange is that I like the teaser more then the original single…Singleland dropped dead a bit. Mary J Blige leaked, and I’m not into it. But the new Trina is cool, though it’s not sure it’s a single. Albumland is revived again. But weak alive. We have Annie Lennox and new hotties on the block RyanDan. But both did not make it to must-listen album. I wait for the HQ-version of ‘Brave’.

  • 29: Musicreview

    21 Jul 2007, 22:24 by Rockrooster

    Introduction ”What was up this week?” This week in music was Texas, Texas and Texas. But not on the MP3-player and stereo. The stereo played Editors and The Alpine mostly, where the MP3 was the domain of summerjams ánd Darren Hayes. Again a dead week in music, Britney looks alive more and more. Girls Aloud made their comeback with ‘Sexy? No, no, no!’ but I am not feeling it. A new Ben Lee (with Mandy Moore) leaked, so I’m gonna check that out! Albumland was again dead, luckily for me I had Texas! Videoland was little alive, In the beginning of the week I found the video for the first single in the US from Darren Hayes called ‘step into the light’, the only good video this week, where Rihanna’s ‘don’t stop the music is total garbage and some other videos are not faves also.

    Track of the week ”Darren Hayes – step into the light” No Texas song! That was a surprise for me, but like I said Darren Hayes dominated the MP3 and how with this mignificant sounding and danceable song…
  • Nordic Sounds 2007

    28 Mar 2007, 08:45 by cdcdsr

    This year's Nordic Sounds Festival is again presenting some fine artists from Scandinavia!

    I selected the three most interesting events for you:

    5.5. - 19.30 (
    Clubs-U-Night: Superfamily N, Svenska Akademien S

    Svenska Akademien is an amazing reggea band from Sweden!

    9.5. - 21.00
    Arctic Beats

    Hmmm ... don't know yet what this is about, but sounds interesting.

    11.5. - 20.30 (
    Polarnacht DK
    o The Alpine
    o Leisure Alaska
    o tba

    The Alpine great, I'm looking forward to see them the first time!

    For the complete program visit:
  • Artists I've seen live

    4 Dec 2005, 12:28 by Herb

    To support my sometimes rather blurry memory, I have decided to make an artist I've seen live list.. I'll keep it up to date..

    23-mar-01Blue Foundation
    24-may-01Future 3
    05-apr-02 Godspeed You Black Emperor
    10-may-02 The Raveonettes
    10-may-02 Krøyt
    11-may-02 Kent
    22-jun-02Andrea Bocelli
    04-oct-02 Red Warszawa
    20-sep-03 Kaizers Orchestra
    24-jun-04 Air @ Train
    06-nov-04Blue Foundation
    06-nov-04 Efterklang
    05-feb-05Tys Tys
    05-mar-05 Thomas Dybdahl
    10-mar-06 Mew @ Scandinavian Congress Center
    06-apr-06 Under Byen (fourth time), @ Voxhall, support: Efterklang
    28-apr-o6 Volbeat @ Von Hatten, Randers

    Roskilde Festival '06
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 lisa vegas
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Band Ane
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Magtens Korridorer
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Jenny Wilson
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Sigur Rós
    25 jun - 3 juli 06 Veto