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When playing the board game Monopoly, it helps to possess a 'get out of jail free' card. Without the card a player could forfeit enough turns to either lose the game or trail significantly behind. The card guarantees immediate dismissal from jail so the game can continue without interruption for that player. Real life doesn't offer an equivalent card… once jailed, we serve our full term if bail can't be made. When the sentence has been handed-down, there's no turning back for the law breaker.

Real life offers another terrible blow… we arrive in this world with our sentence already set in stone! We assume we're born with freedom to do whatever we want but reality is much different; at birth many factors are dictated which we have no control over. For example, we're born with no choice of our physical traits; gender; race; social standing; geographical location; family; wealth; poverty; handicaps; strengths; weaknesses… literally 100% of what we take for granted! But there is another inborn trait often overlooked, ignored or denied that separates us from God and His righteousness… our notorious 'sin nature'. It doesn't matter how much wealth or prestige our position in society offers, we all enter this world with sin's burden fastened securely around our neck. We have no choice!

This present life is not the only place where we're separated from God, sin guarantees our afterlife will also be spent apart from His presence. Heaven's gates will be closed to even the kindest and most thoughtful person with exemplementary actions. Why? Because we underestimate the full extent of sin's devastating equation in the makeup of our very being! We downplay its significance with statements such as, "I'm really not a bad person," and "Surely God won't send me to hell," and "I've never killed anyone," and "I'm kind to animals so I must not be all that bad." Our blinded eyes are incapable of seeing sin for the ugly and repulsive cancer which God proclaims and knows it to be.

Heaven's door will always remain shut to all who are dead in their sins. It's as if we're shaped like a 'large square peg' and heaven's entrance is a 'small round hole'. No matter how hard we try, it is totally impossible for us to enter through. God and His angelic followers are naturally separated from the unholiness which dwells within us. Heaven is habitated only by the righteous and hell is the natural destination of the rest of us. Just like oil and water, sin and righteousness will not mix and can never join in unison!

Our date with hell seems to be a definite, hopeless fact with no escape or way out. But the good news is "things impossible for men are totally possible for God!" He doesn't desire for us to remain outcasts and adversaries so He has provided the means for us to join Him in His heavenly kingdom. We might not possess the keys to open the door but His son, the required 'sacrificial lamb' does! He will gladly let anyone enter who has been purified by His sin-cleansing blood, which is the 'admission price' for entrance into the kingdom! We can enter because of who Jesus is and who we recognize Him to be… not because of our own inefficient works or goodness.

When seeing Jesus face-to-face, we will either greet Him as our Lord and personal Savior or as an unknown foreigner whom we rejected to follow and serve. In this life, at the moment we repent and acknowledge Him as Lord, He gives us that elusive card which had been beyond our grasp for far too long… we now possess the 'get out of jail free' card! It becomes ours because Jesus purchased it through His blood which was lovingly but painfully shed on the cross! Our sentence of separation becomes annulled and we can close the door of jail forever and securely behind us. We are free!

With repetitious rhythm the lyrics state, "but Jesus paid it all!" For all who desire to spend eternity with God in His kingdom, the price has been completely paid. It won't cost us a cent. It has been given to us as a free gift! Our future is guaranteed to be with Him throughout all eternity! We thank God that through the grace, mercy, loving kindness and sacrifice of Jesus, our debt has been paid in full. 'Cause Jesus has paid it all… fully and completely!

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