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With the band's new record, The Acacia Strain have proved its intense and unforgiving musical tonnage has not compromised the band's lyrical and aural integrity. The Dead Walk has The Acacia Strain making a social critique on the lull in cultural comfort, all the while displaying the band's brutal heaviness alongside an uncanny, mosh-worthy sense of rhythm. The result: some of contemporary metal's heaviest and hardest songs, without ever losing sight of the band's original goals.

"People say, 'Oh, The Acacia Strain is so tough or whatever,'" Bennett says. "Number one: We are the furthest thing from tough there is. Number two: We write the music we want to hear, and what we think kids will have the most fun with. We are trying to write heavy music. We love tech music, death metal, and hardcore, but we don't want to be those types of bands. We don't try to be something we aren't, bottom line."

Unconcerned with trends, and continually earning street credentials through constant touring, The Acacia Strain have surely upped the ante on The Dead Walk. This time around, the purveyors of all things heavy are tuning their guitars down further, allowing them to dig even deeper into the band's bowel-shaking, trademark sound they've been developing since 2002. In the time since the band released 3750, the Prosthetic Records debut from 2004, The Acacia Strain has dropped its provisional third guitar player, and in turn rotated in Seth Coleman and Kevin Boutot on bass and drums respectively, resulting in a sleeker, efficient band. During touring for the release of The Dead Walk, new bassist Jack Strong, formerly of the band Of Blessings and Burdens, entered the fold.

Now with a tight, stable line-up, The Dead Walk comes off as the band's most composed, confident effort yet, filled with Bennett's bestial bellows and a devastating one-two punch of swift riffs and chest-caving breaks. Thanks to the return of veteran producer Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains), The Acacia Strain has not missed a beat in the next installment of the bandís plans to traverse the realms of death metal, hardcore, and everything in-between. This mission is one that will be marked in success by the victims left in the wake of the band's unrelentingly heavy sound, city by city, venue by venue out on the road.

Vincent Bennett— vocals
Jack Strong— bass
Daniel "DL" Laskeiwitz— guitar
Kevin Boutot— drums

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