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Terra Fabrilis was a short-lived digital grindcore act featuring Adam Cooley, known in the band as MCAC and currently a member of Robe. and Scissor Shock, on vocals and Nitro X, currently a member of Bestial Earthhammer and African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface, responsible for most other aspects of each song. The band is unique in that the members of Terra Fabrilis collaborated on the songs via the internet for a period of time between 1999 and 2001 and have never actually met before, during, or after the time when Terra Fabrilis was active. Members drew inspiration from the absurdities of tongue-in-cheek grindcore acts like Anal Cunt, for whom they appear on a tribute album, and harsh electronic punk like Atari Teenage Riot. Many of the songs were compiled in software programs Fruity Loops Studio and Soundforge. Cooley's vocals were thereafter either recorded directly into a computer microphone while playing the original track in real time, or were recorded blindly and later sampled to match the beat. Some tracks feature guest contributors. Notably, Lurch, one of Cooley's other collaborators at the time, contributed a MIDI section to "Smoke a Cigarette." Additionally, "Synthetic Revolution," was remixed by an unknown contributor who sampled bits Martin Luther King JR's "I Have A Dream" speech, creating an interesting parallel to the song's lyrical themes which demand equal rights for humanoid replicants. The remix appears on the Synthetic Revolution Maxi-Single as well as the Complete Discography.

Terra Fabrilis offers its entire discography for free download at http://terrafabrilis.wikidot.com/

Original Members
Adam Cooley - Verbal Noise
Andrew W. Miller - Non-verbal Noise

Complete Discography

1999: Demo Tape
2000: Synthetic Revolution Maxi-Single
2001: "The Future Ominously Awaits" (Discography)

Terra Fabrilis also appears on:
"Van Full of Retards: A Tribute to Anal Cunt"
"Rotten Lollipop Records: Promotional Sampler"
"Sloppy Seconds" (a compilation of one-second songs)

Source: http://www.garageband.com/artist/terrafabrilis

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