• Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats Lyrics

    17 Sep 2010, 22:07 by MarsilVendeur

    I have a simple wish to be able to gather the lyrics to Tera Melos's album Patagonian Rats as a selfish want, and possibly a benefit to others. I'm aware I am not the most accurate person for decryption, so feel free to correct my flaws and add your own substance to the list.

    So Occult
    architects were wrong and their teeth were painted white
    singers writing songs always hate it when they're right
    double-cross the con and you'll cross out your eyes
    they'll tell you what they saw but you can't believe

    we're jumping out of our skin tonight
    something took my brain for a ride
    now we're carving out your name
    forgot just how to say it
    I guess it's off to bed then for now
    I'll have to call you later
    I'll call you later

    The Skin Surf
    that's too many for one head
    free radicals got me wondering
    there's no trace of science fiction
    oh no, far too usual
    I went out of my way
    to find out something strange
    and outside of space
    so unusual