• 200 Greatest Rock Ballad

    9 Jun 2010, 17:51 by Shasolace

  • My ultimate GMM 08 planning...

    1 Jun 2008, 23:18 by unreal_be

    Just a quick little journal to list the bands I'm gonna see on graspop metal meeting 2008.


    14.00 - 14.40:
    While Telsa is kicking of the festival at the mainstage, our own Dedicted gets the honor of opening the metalstage.
    Since I don't need to see Tesla, my first band of this years edition will be Dedicted.

    14.50 - 15.30:
    Behemoth: They haven't released a weak album yet (with Demigod being their magnum opus). So I do want to see them again.

    15.35 - 16.35:
    Because I have bad memories from the last time I saw Yngwie Malmsteen, I will just be scouting the festival area and drinking some beers with malmsteem playing his WAAAAY too long solo's in the background.

    16.:0 - 17.10:
    Up next for me is Deathstars, An industrial metal band that released two great records. No matter what some people think they DO belong on a metal festival.

    17.15 - 18.10:
    Saxon is up next, I share some good memories on the first time I saw them, it's not because they are old that they still don't rock this city.