• My CD list of wants.....

    27 Mar 2007, 02:10 by TS2Master

  • Top 5 Tegan and Sara songs

    4 Aug 2006, 03:52 by andythesaint

    I've loved Tegan and Sara's music now since I discovered it in 2002. Given their asthetic, I'd have to classify them as indie pop, but in truth, they just make pop music. Sadly, in our day and age, pop music has become synonomous with sterile, manufactured, simple music made for crappy radio stations. It used to be about music with a certain structure and feel. The Beatles made pop music before it became a bad word.

    Tegan and Sara Quinn are twin sisters from my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They actually grew up in the same community as me (Marlborough Park), but I've never met them (I'm older than they are, and went to Catholic school, whereas they went to public school). They have four albums, including the self-released Under Feet Like Ours. Of course, I have all of their CDs, and will soon have all three of their label releases on vinyl (just waiting for If It Was You to arrive in the mail). They've gotten more popular in recent years by having their songs featured on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy…
  • Tegan And Sara my new heroines

    7 Mar 2006, 01:16 by Reflekshun

    So I saw Tegan and Sara were pretty popular here and gave them a shot. I love chick rock, heard these chicks album If It Was You and thought: 'Average, but I can see how people can love them'.

    2 days later the album is on again, and again, and again. Then on my iPOD again and again, then back home - again and again. And when i turned off the music all I could hear coming out of my own mouth was either 'Monday Monday Monday!' or the sweet guitar from 'Not Tonight', or that SICK loud simple twanged acoustic guitar in 'Time Running' or that repeated 'If I doooooooooo' from 'Living Room'. I just kept switching between these - I WAS HOOKED.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ALBUM NOW! Its truly amazingly catchy and beautifully human and awesome.

    THEN I discovered 'Walking With a Ghost'. When i played this on my iPOD I just went back to it over and over, in my 15 minute break, in my lunch break, after work, then when i got home at night it was on repeat. BEST 2 1/2 minutes I've had in ages.

  • New additions, and thoughts, for February.

    27 Feb 2006, 06:19 by KADC

    So I had occasion to purchase the new Panic! at the Disco disc, and let me just say, it was frickin awful!! I swear, that album hurt me to my immortal soul. I'm not saying that every band has to be 100 percent creative (though it would be nice), but such a slavish Fall Out Boy ripoff? Ick. I thought it was rather funny that FOB's bass player, Pete Wentz, thinks that if someone's going to ape FOB, they should do it on FOB's own label. That way, they make money off their own music, whether it's put out by them or someone else. Good times. Anyway, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out gets a 2.23 from me, out of a possible 5, based on average iTunes star ratings. That's well below average, about a D-. Not failing because the last two songs were pretty good.

    Also grabbed Tegan and Sara's first disc, This Business of Art. Good disc overall, maybe not as good as If It Was You, but better than So Jealous. I have very high hopes for these ladies and can't wait to hear more. …
  • Ah, CDs

    18 Aug 2005, 06:14 by Lattie

    So, as I'm caught a weekend without an iPod, woe woe is me, these are the CDs I have chosen to take.

    Ani DiFranco - Little Plastic Castle, Knuckle Down
    Tegan and Sara - So Jealous, If It Was You
    Dresden Dolls - Self Titled
    Dylan - Desire
    U2 - Achtung Baby
    The White Stripes - Elephant
    Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
    Killers - Hot Fuss plus random B-sides I put on Hot Fuss (Oh I do so love Under the Gun)
    Two burned mixes

    I'm going to miss my ipod for those three whole days.