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I'm Batman bitch better recognize
I'll float down from the sky take out the bad guys
One by one, ain't no thang, I'll bust your lip right quick with my Batarang
I got pointy little ears, there is no escape
No superpowers, but I have a dope cape
Make no mistake, if you're a criminal
I'll explode your brain like it was subliminal
And I'll grab your girl friend, we'll go for a ride
'Cause Alfred put condoms on the inside of the Batmobile and if it's starts to rocking
The alarm is armed so don't bother knockin'
I work alone don't mean to be a dick
Kick Robin to the curb, don't need no side kick
I'm sick with the rooftop skills uh-huh
Can't fly but I can glide like airforce one

Like LL Cool J, I'll knock you out
Oh yeah, I'm what Willis was talking about
Hardly ever sweat 'cause my suit is porous
I get hella more ass than Chuck Norris

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Swerving side to side with that gangster lean
I'm Batman bitch, I'm a P.I.M.P.
Spitting raps in your ear, I know my rhymes are tight
Fuck Vanilla Ice, I'm the Dark Knight
I'm Batman bitch, I'm a stone cold pimp
Put my foot in your ass straight make you limp
You wimp, don't trip my skills are off the hook
Stopping bad guys, I wrote the book, so look the Penguin sending his minions out find me
But I'm way too busy bangin' Poison Ivy
Use my fists don't need no gun
Spray Batman milk on Catwoman
It's fun, you best remember my name
I'm Batman bitch, don't call me Bruce Wayne
I got way more games than the Riddler
He gets old chicks like Bette Middler
Got my sign in the sky, 'cause I'm important
My phone's blowing up from Commissioner Gordon
I'm thwartin' thugs, beating up squealers
Taking out gang bangers and drug dealers

Ninja chop your ass like I was Bruce Lee
I'm ten times blacker than Mr. T
My whole life story is an epic saga
I'm so damn pimp, I'd slap Lady Gaga

Jumping back and forth, leaning side to side
Tap dancing on your face, and electric slide
I'm the boogie man, creeping out of the light
Fuck the Jonas brothers, I'm the Dark Knight
The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin and Bane
Catwoman, Two Face, The Scarecrow is lame
I'm bringing the pain, with my Utility Belt
Pimp slap your ass, it's the worst you ever felt
I'm blacker than black, like black likorice
Pinch Harley Quinn's ass 'cause she's ticklish
And my nemesis The Joker I gotta stop him

I'm like Tupac in the city of Gotham
I'm a billionaire baby, yeah I get paid
Getting tons of freaky boot, up in the Batcave
But I use protection, don't want no disease

(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)
(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)

I get to stepping, my weapon, be using both of my hands
I'm teaching lessons, stop stressing, I'll always be the man
And if you're breakin' the law, then I bringing the pain
I'm putting other superhero's out there to shame
For real dog, we all know it's true
I'm the greatest crime fighter that has ever lived dude

Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and Spidey
The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, Aphrodite
Papa Smurf, Voltron, Iron Man, and Colossus
Cool Ranch Doritos, and Jimmy Dean Sausage
None of this stuff, has shit on me
I'm Batman bitch, I'm a P.I.M.P.

(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)
(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)
(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)
(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)
(I'm Batman bitch don't mess with me)
(B.A.T. P.I.M.P.)

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